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One of the most misunderstood aspects of the sign and graphics industry is the artwork itself.  Artwork is any drawing, sketch, painting or other piece of creative, visual art.  A layout is a structured arrangement of items within given parameters.  Regardless of how simple it may look by definition any layout (a.k.a. Proof) is artwork.

The preparation of a great layout is much more than a quick sketch.  A good layout is more than letters on a board.  The layout will focus on the dominant element with a simple of the advertisement incorporate while maintaining ease of readability & clarity of message.  People LOVE our work and we really appreciate that.  What we don’t like is when someone takes our art to be copied by someone else.  Yes if you take our artwork to someone else they may give you a better price since the creative part of the work is complete.  However, you would be breaking the law.

“Art is considered copyright protected from  the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.”  U.S. Copyright Office

The Copyright Act gives an artist the EXCLUSIVE rights to his/her work.  These rights include the rights to make copies of the work, distribute those copies, perform or display the work publicly, or make derivatives of the original.

SignEdge Graphics, Inc. reserves all copyrights to any and all artwork created by its representatives.  Use specific licenses are available.

I understand that any and all art created by SignEdge Graphics, Inc. and/or its agents is the sole property of SignEdge Graphics, Inc. and protected under U.S. Copyright law.

I understand that Artwork fees associated with creating specific layouts do NOT constitute a transfer of rights to that layout or any aspect of the layout.

I understand that SignEdge Graphics, Inc. retains the EXCLUSIVE right to make copies of their work, distribute those copies, perform or display the work publicly, or make derivatives of the original.



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