Vehicle wraps

A Vehicle wrap is the common name for graphics that are applied to cars, trucks, vans, buses, boats or any other vehicle.

wraps can either be used as mobile advertising or for customizing a vehicle to enhance its appearance.  Either way it is a method to give your vehicle a personal flair, without damage to the paint..

Full or partial vehicle wraps

Vehicle graphics can be applied to the entire vehicle referred to as a Full wrap or to parts of the vehicle hence the terminology Partial wrap.  Anything less than a full wrap is normally called a partial wrap. (Below are some examples)

Full Wrap
Partial wrap

full wrap

Partial wrap


Where should I advertise?

One of the biggest challenges for business today is to find an effective way to advertise. While there are now more advertising mediums available than ever, people have become callas to many options. Be honest with yourself, Do you read those small print ads in newspapers & Magazines? Do you click through ads on Social Media to make purchases? We bet not.

What is involved in the wrapping process?

  • Consultation Visual inspection of the vehicle, measurements taken , & design ideas discussed
  • Designing Our wraps are designed using detailed measurements to ensure proper placement of text & vital information, so that it doesn’t fall into handles, fuel doors, or wheel wells.
  • Production The graphics are printed on high quality vinyl & laminated with a matched component film to protect it from abrasions & UV rays.
  • Installing The produced graphic is carefully installed on to the vehicle.

Really, What’s there to say? Have you been to our Gallery? Our pictures tell the story for us.

We have worked on hundreds of Marine projects for private owners & manufacturers alike. Everything from Jet-skis & Air boats to Speed boats & Mega Yachts. Boat wraps offer many advantages over painting or gel coat.

We can bring your ideas to life! Fresh out of ideas? We can have some for you.

We do BIG work too…

There is NO job too big for us to handle.

Truck & Trailer wraps turn your daily routes into advertising campaigns.  Why rent stationary billboard advertisement when you can own a mobile billboard?  With a wrap you control where people see it.

Whether you have a single vehicle or a large fleet, we can get you covered.