Special Projects

Hard Rock Casino  -Tampa

When the Hard Rock hosted Tampa Bay’s SUPER BOWL Victory Party, They knew who to call.

The Entrance

The customer wanted their guests to pass through a grand entrance on their way into and leaving the party area.

From concept to completion…  All projects come through our art department.  We begin this stage with a meeting of the minds, work out a concept and begin drawing the vision.

For this project, we wanted to celebrate 55 years of Football history and  encompass that with the colors of the Seminole Tribe and the Hard Rock’s Iconic guitar.

When we shared our ideas with the decision makers, they Loved it!  A little design time, and we where ready to see a print.

We calibrated our printer and made a scaled print to compare against the desired colors.  We showed the customer the results and the project was a go.

“Exactly what we envisioned, we just didn’t know it.”

The result, was this double sided tapestry.  Large contour cut panels with CNC cut PVC inserts to hold the shape.

The “WOW” factor..

We needed to come up with a large centerpiece for the party.  We tossed around several ideas…  A huge Super Bowl Trophy, Large Roman numerals for the 55th year???  Nah,  The Players & everyone there where already bombarded with their branding.  Everyone knows why they where there.  We needed something to accentuate the already extravagant venue..  We needed a 8′ tall, 8′ wide by 16″ thick guitar with flame shooting out the top!!  Ok maybe the flames would of been too much..

We accomplished this by CNC cutting and joining several layers of foam sheeting.  Once we had the shape, we painted the guitar body and attached a Printed PVC overlay for the face and a few other 3D details.  The entire presentation was a hit with the guests & staff.

Seminole Hard Rock  -Hollywood

Create the tunnel enterance for the Seminole Tribe’s drive through holiday experience.

Our idea was to create a giant snowflake to welcome them into the series of light tunnels and displays.  The final result was this Printed 28ft by 26ft contour cut snowflake with holographic accents.  Mounted to a 3 section truss system and lined with strands of white Christmas lights.  (We didn’t get a final picture but you get the idea)

Once all the pieces where printed laminated and trimmed it was time for a test fit.