SignEdge was not founded out of necessity or the need for financial gain. The love for art was our motivating factor. In fact the founding partners both gave up much more lucrative careers so that they could pursue their passion. For us there is a greater satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals.

Art isn’t just our livelihood, it’s our Life!

When we say Custom Artwork, we mean custom artwork. When a customer needs something special we sit down and make it. Unlike other Sign Shops, there is no clip-art involved in our creations.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for we can create it!

Here you can see an example of some Nature art we have made. You won’t see anything like this coming from any of our competitors.

As you know South Florida is known for it’s amazing Sea Life.  Excuse me if it seems as though I dedicate a lot of space to this section.  Of the work we do, this is our favorite category.  There really isn’t too much to say about these pictures, other than.. Wow!!  It may sound conceited for me to say, but I didn’t draw them I’m just the web developer.  So it’s ok right?

Maybe you prefer something with a little western flavor..

Maybe you’d like something with some horses or maybe some cows.  I know, let’s do a sunset scene with some covered wagons, horses, cows, a long horn steer.  Might as well throw in a Budweiser carriage too.  Looks like we might get thirsty out here.     This one was created for Cowboy’s restaurant.

SignEdge’s Artwork is Out of this world..

This scene consists of Pyramids, the Sphinx, Moai, a star nebula, theLockness monster and some beautiful eyes..

What would you like in your artwork?

SignEdge Graphics works hand in hand with custom car builders & restoration experts. We have done everything from reproducing branding on historical cars, for display at Pebble Beach to custom renderings for one of a kind cars to be fabricated.

These renderings where made for a custom car builder, Rick Fluegel.  This is how he conveys to his customers exactly what their finished product would look like with the proposed modifications in place.

These are a couple of the designs from MarshLife Inc., a company we founded on back in 2009.   We closed it after a company Trademarked the name we had been using.  The artwork will be incorporated into one of our future projects.